For Drivers

How does Nifty Driver work?

Nifty driver is a lead generation marketplace. Where it connects a  customer seeking a driver for a job. Plus drivers providing driving services.

What type of drivers are on Nifty Driver?

We have every type of driver imaginable. Such as, white van driver, forklift driver, courier’s & much much more.

I am receiving leads – jobs in the wrong location?

Login into your account & edit locations you most like to work.

How to make a great profile?

It’s very important to catch the attention of your potential customers. Give as much accurate information as possible. However don’t over do the description of your profile. Keep compact and informative.

° Make sure all your contact details are correct and up to date on your profile.

° A well written description about you and your business and experience.

° Display nice images of company logo if applicable plus images of yourself and the vehicles you use.

How to respond to leads?

° Respond as quick as possible. Usually a driver has more chance securing the customer with a swift response.

° Customers have phone numbers & email addresses. We would highly recommend call rather than email for the first interaction.

° After your first phone conversation. Send a email with regards to the job & price you’re quoting. We recommend this method as it will give you a strong chance of clinching the job. 

Can I see if a customer has already received responses from other drivers?

Yes drivers can see if customers have already been responded to. So drivers can decide what is the best action to take. 

We cap all responses to 4 responses. The average response gets 1-2

Can customers leave a review?

Yes customers can leave reviews

Where can I locate my invoices? 

In your dashboard and your email address you provided.

For Companies Recruitment

What is Nifty recruitment?

We provide recruitment solutions for companies seeking a medium to large number or drivers.

What type of drivers do you have?

We have every type of driver imaginable on Nifty Driver.

How does it work?

Nifty recruitment is a subscription. Companies can purchase contact bundles in 5 levels,

65 contacts
110 contacts
170 contacts
250 contacts
500 contacts

This allow companies to contact the driver profiles on the Nifty Driver platform.

Can I search drivers per category?

Yes you can search specific types of drivers you’re seeking for your business.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes you can cancel at anytime. Login to your account, Make request to CANCEL.

For Customers

What happens if a driver does not provide a great service? 

Any potential arrangement or agreement is ultimately between yourself and any prospective driver that you choose to hire. When a driver  responds to you,  you will have access to all their information in their profile including their credentials. We operate a review system to help you make a informed decision. 

We would always recommend undertaking any due diligence as you see fit prior to hiring a driver you decide to work with.

Does Nifty Driver cost me anything?

Nifty Driver is free for customers.

How do I know which driver to choose?

° Read their reviews

° Look at their profile on Nifty Driver

° When contacted by a driver, ask them all related questions for your driver needs 

° Generally feel comfortable with them 

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